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Investment Opportunity

Purchase one of our architecturally designed two or three bedroom villas on a freehold title and enjoy its stunning panoramic ocean views within Castaways Resort. Villas have all the benefits of a full management contract along with the versatility of full ownership
- providing you a potential income and a superb retreat.

Whether you are looking for a holiday destination or you spend time overseas and need a home base in New Zealand or you simply wish to spend extended periods with spectacular ocean views in a peaceful beach environment, this is the perfect no hassle, low cost solution. Our stunning resort and its management structure will provide you the relaxation and the easy care you need along with a potential income. We can take care of everything, no surprises and no hassles.

Whilst you enjoy a break at your new villa why not allow Castaways to let the second independent bedroom and start the income flow. Villas have been designed to accommodate two couples independently or as one group so if you choose you can benefit from an income and at the same time relax and soak up the west coast views from the comforts of your spacious, modern living area.


Ownership Details

Whether you are looking for a holiday home for a few weeks a year or a more permanent base in New Zealand, then Castaways Villas have been designed for you. All owners can benefit from any net income provided by the Resort’s letting of their property when they are not in residence.

The 125m2 two bedroom villas each sit on freehold titles with sizes varying from 400 to 1500m2 with an average of 800m2 with no boundary fences, elevated views and extensive native planting, a true spacious coastal setting has been achieved for all Villas. Three bedroom Villas are also available.

The freehold titles are like any others however the services are commonly owned and are located on a service lot which all owners share and manage through an incorporated society.

The key to the low cost and hassle free ownership is allowing Castaways to let out the villa when not in use by the owner, now a proven system successfully operated by Castaways for over 18 years.

All villas are designed to operate as part of the resort when being let out or for independent living when an owner is in residence. The spacious, modern villas are comfortable for short stays or longer durations.

The management structure has been developed for minimal risk to the Investor, as in the unlikely event that Castaways were no longer able to manage and maintain the villas the Incorporate Society would then assume management giving owners total control.

Villa Int 24.jpg

Financial Summary

Stage 1 - 4: SOLD OUT

Stage 5: Selling now

2bed Villa & Section:                From $ 879,000 Fully Furnished

3bed Villa & Section:                From $998,000 Fully Furnished

Depending on the time you spend in residence, you can dictate a healthy financial return whilst enjoying a stunning location for your retreat.

The returns from letting your villa will net you 50% of the villa income after operational costs have been deducted.

Castaways has a very simple but fair system to calculate the return to a villa owner. We maintain a totally transparent system so all relevant details of income & outgoings are made available to the villa owner.

Our financial calculation in brief.

  • Guest income for each individual villa is calculated

  • 9% Resort Licence fee is deducted from income

  • 4% is deducted from income and 2% of this is
    contributed to the villa short term maintenance fund and the remaining 2% to the Common area
    maintenance fund.

  • All managements costs are deducted from income

  • 50% of surplus guest income is allocated to the Owner

  • 50% of surplus guest income is allocated to the Manager

  • Any Owners consumables and servicing costs are deducted from the Owners income. 

More details of the financial structure can be found in our management guide.

Our system does not guarantee a minimum income to either the owner or to the management company however it does allow an owner to share in the successes of the resort. This structure makes the letting process and resulting income fair for all parties involved and allows the owner some control of their income as this is largely governed by how often an owner is in residence.

Since 2002 through the highs and lows of New Zealand’s economic fluctuations, Castaways Resort is proud to say they have continually delivered a profitable return to all existing chalet owners.

The Resort believes in a fair and unique management rights structure based on the principle that if the management company is making a profit, so should the villa owner.

The safety and security of the investor has always been of primary concern at Castaways Resort. Fail-safe systems in place mean that even if the management company were to fail, owners would remain largely unaffected.

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