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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do the Villas and Land Cost?

Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4 are sold with stage 5 available now. A two bedroom Villa (Land & Build package) starts from $879,000 including Fully Furnished. Three bedroom Villas are available starting from $998,000 including fully furnished.


  • How big are the sections and what are is the Villa sizes?

Section sizes on average are 800m2 (Biggest is 1500m2 and smallest is 550m2). Villas are 125m2


  • Are all Villas the same?

Yes, Villas are 2 bedroom and 2 ensuites. There is also a 3bedroom 2 ensuite option available, all with the same design.


  • Will I own the building and the land?

Yes, these are Freehold Title sections


  • Will the price be the same for every stage?

No. Stages will vary depending on view, pricing naturally does increase over time.


  • Do I have to allow the Resort to Let out my villa or is this optional?

When a Villa is by the owner, it must be available to the Resort for letting. This is not optional, it is the fundamental part of the system and it all works to create a win win for both The Owner & The Manager.

Instead of your Bach sitting empty & costing you money whilst not in use, the management system allows you to off set any cost with surplus for income, have someone else take care of all the hassles including the lawns, grounds, letting, security, maintenance and still stay & enjoy your beautiful view when you like.


  • Are pets allowed?

Only pets permitted are small dogs classified as 8kg or less that do not cause problems. This is in consideration of others as well as the natural environment. (eg cats harm/eat the native birds around the place)


  • Where can I park my vehicle?

There is a temporary carpark provided for owners. A permanent carpark is provided at the top carpark where the new function center will be built in future. There is no vehicle access around the resort and Villa lots, all pathways are for electric buggies or walking. Each villa has a ‘carports’ (rather buggy port) for electric buggies only.

  • Do I have to buy an electric buggy?

No, purchasing a buggy is your choice and may provide a convenient option if you live at your villa, stay at your villa a lot or for extended periods.

The resort provides a buggy drop off service to guests which owners may choose to utilise as well on a user pays basis.

Potentially in future there may be an option to buy a 50/50 share in a buggy with The Resort. This means, an owner has the use of their own buggy whenever an Owner is using their Villa. When an Owner is not using their Villa, the Resort uses the buggy.


  • Do I have to clean my Villa when I leave?

No, when you leave your Villa after a stay, the resort cleaner’s will clean it ready for it to be let out to guests. You are able to simply lock up and go when leaving your Villa, a cleaner will clean your Villa and you simply pay for the time taken by the cleaner. This is a ‘servicing cost’ which is taken out of your letting income rather than physically paid (currently a flat rate of $70).


  • Can I live long term in my Villa?

Yes you may use your Villa how often and long you like, long term is fine. The only restriction is you must vacate your Villa 1 day in every 365 days (1 day per year).


  • What are the yearly costs?

The 3 maintenance levies are currently $3000 +gst in total per year which is paid quarterly, this is explained further in the “Owners Brief”. $2000 +gst of this goes against your Villa for maintenance ($1000 +gst Long term Maintenance and $1000 +gst Short term maintenance). The remaining $1000 +gst goes towards the communal asset maintenance.

Levies are adjusted annually if need be to cover your maintenance costs.

When a Villa is in the letting pool, an Owner is reimbursed for the short term and communal asset maintenance, 2% of profit for each fund is added into the quarterly income until the fund budget has been met. So when an Owner is letting their Villa out, they will be reimbursed up to $2000 out of the $3000 maintenance paid, on top of their income.


  • Who mows the lawn?

The Resort takes care of this. (Part of short term maintenance)


  • Can I let my Villa out myself? (eg air bnb)

No. To ensure a hassle free ownership, only the Resort let’s out your Villa as per the Management Agreement. You are not able to let/rent it out any other way.


  • Can I put my own furniture in my Villa?

We supply the furniture as part of the package as furniture must be practical and fit in with The Resort look. This is a beautiful fit out designed specially to maximise the space and fit the modern beach aesthetics.

Anything that differs requires manager approval and will be assessed on a case by case basis at the manager discretion

If you intend to occupy your villa full time you may utilize your own furniture however you must reinstate the furniture when you either let/sell your villa, and there is not cost savings in not taking the full package.

  • Do Villas have internet?

Yes, all Villas have an internal Fibre network connection.


  • Who pays the power when my Villa is being let out? and internet?

Any time your Villa is being let out, the anything used (power, internet etc). All other times the owner pays for any of these used. It is just like owning any other freehold property/Bach, in that you pay for what you use.


  • What happens if guests damage something when The Resort is letting it out?

The resort/guest incurs the cost and will replace/make good any damages from guests. Owner only pays for damages they have incurred. Damage is paid direct (if you break something, you pay for it), wear & tear is maintenance paid from maintenance levies.


  • Will all Villas have sea views?

Yes. They will all be slightly different angles and views but will all have sea views.


  • When will the added infrastructure be built?

The first half of the development (50 Villas) utilizes existing Resort infrastructure (restaurant, conference center etc)

The new infrastructure is then planned to accommodate the growth. This is planned to start after Stage 5 & 6, although it could potentially be sooner than that.


  • How long will it take for the total development to be finished?

This is very dependent on sales as the quicker things sell, the quicker we build. Allowed for both sides of the scenario, it may take approximately 5-9 years.

This makes no difference to Owners as each Stage is finished and becomes operational as we go so an income can be made straight away once joining the letting pool.


  • How much does The Resort let rooms out for?

Rates vary depending on season & occupancy. Peak night rates (summer weekends) are approx. $410/night for a 1bed Villa, $520/night for a 2bed Villa and $630/night for a 3bed villa.


  • What is the existing Resort’s occupancy rate?

Last year’s occupancy rate for the existing Resort was approx. 51%.


  • Do you guarantee an income?

No, income is what it is. Income is also very dependent on how often an Owner use’s their Villa. For example, an Owner who only stays two weeks a year will make a larger income than an Owner who stays every second weekend over the peak season.


  • Can I let my family and friends use my Villa?

Yes. Any Owner may let friends and family stay at any time just as you would for any other property you own.

Note: An Owner cannot charge their Villa out themselves. Any damages from an Owners friends or family are paid by Owner as if the Owner is there.


  • What happens if I have more than 5 people to stay (eg two other family’s spend Christmas with me)

We offer different options to make things as easy as possible. (eg your families can stay in other Villas near your villa. Instead of paying for these Villa’s, one of your income stays will be switched with one of the other Villas so it evens out)


  • Do I pay rates and insurance?

Yes. Rates and insurance are up to and Owner just like any other freehold property.

Rates approx. $1900, Insurance same as any other property (Owners will have their own deals etc)


  • Can I sell my Villa whenever I want?

Yes, it is your property, you may sell when and how you like, for the price you like.

Conditions will be the same as original purchase with management agreement and etc. and you must introduce new purchase to Castaways Developments which is where the Deed of Covenant for new purchaser is supplied & ensures they understand the system.


  • How does rubbish get collected?

There is a council collection point within Resort to drop off weekly rubbish like any other rural property when an Owner is staying long term.

Cleaners deal with this when owners stay short term & when guests are staying.

An Owner can choose to get cleaners to collect rubbish under user pays system during longer stays.


  • What is the water system?

Water is both Rain Harvesting and Bore Water. Each Villa has its own Water tank which utilises rain harvesting. Bore water kicks in if rain levels get low to ensure tanks always have a water supply.


  • Is there a storage facility?

Yes, there is a storage shed where larger items can be stored (eg fishing rods, motorbike, surfboard, caravan, furniture etc). This operates under a standard user pays system like any other storage facility.


  • How long does the Build usually take?

From site establishment builds can take approximately 4 – 6 months.


  • Do Villa owners get use to the future facilities such as pool, gym etc?

Yes, Villa Owners get full use of these facilities, it will be decided exactly how this operates in future.

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