From humble beginnings as a small café on the rugged west coast back in 2002, Castaways has seen massive growth in its journey to becoming a fully-fledged resort specialising in weddings and conferences.

This growth, resulting in The Resort’s present extensive infrastructure and successful onsite businesses has been established from a careful strategic plan.


The next exciting stage will take Castaways Resort to a whole new level. Resource consent is now in place to extend its capacity to an international 550 bed facility with all the necessary infrastructure.


This next stage will be a product of the same successful development model that has enabled Castaways Resort to reach its present 136 bed capability. This model includes the sale of chalets for private use to support infrastructure development.

Castaways is a New Zealand owned property

- held and developed by the same family since inception.

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Present Property

The present site encompasses a 4 ha parcel of land leased from Auckland Council plus a freehold 56 ha block extending one kilometre along the coastline. (Lot 1&2 DP 407196)

Located within the 56 ha property:


  • The glam camping village incorporating 48 beds

  • 3x glam camping couples tents

  • Bersantai day spa with 3x treatment rooms

  • Tasman conference venue

  • Storage shed including housekeeping equipment

  • Adventure activities

Located within the 4 ha property:

  • 15x 2 bedroom chalets and 10 studio units with a total capacity of 80 guests

  • Castaways restaurant

  • Castaways wedding and conferencing venue

  • Sales office and reception

  • Managers’ chalet accommodation.

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The existing infrastructure will remain intact however added to this will be new infrastructure on the 56 ha property.

The expansion into the 56 ha freehold property will incorporate some exciting new features to complete The Resort. The proposal includes a new venue encompassing a restaurant, wedding and conference facility, along with a swimming pool, gym, tennis court and staff accommodation.

100 freehold title Villa’s are planned to sit on approximately 10 ha of land providing each with spacious surroundings and outlook. Extensive planting of native flora and flax will further beautify the existing terrain.

The 100 freehold titles will be serviced with common services owned and managed through an incorporated society. 700 metres of private road

leading to a purpose built parking area behind the main venue will enable access to these new facilities. From here on the facilities will be accessible only by walking tracks and electric buggy lanes, enhancing the relaxed and natural feel of The Resort as well as minimising

noise and vehicle pollution.

Development will be staged with 50 new Villas being added in stage 1 to 6 with the present support facilities still being utilised. New support facilities will be added as stages 7 to 11 are being developed

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